Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Panasonic Lumix DMC LS80 for $150 (a P&S upgrade)

Yeah! We can save our filler material for the future! We have a new digital camera announcement to blog about! It's not much to write about but it's NEW! We saw this while reading the latest news at the Imaging Insider.

It is the Panasonic Lumix DMC LS80, not to be confused with the Panasonic LS80 portable dvd player!

The camera features a Venus Engine III, an 8mp sensor, 3x optical zoom with image stabilization, 2.5" LCD with 250k dots, two AA batteries, full manual control, as well as aperture and shutter priority, 30fps VGA or WXGA (848x480) video. It looks like it is a 1/2.5" sensor according to the specs at Let's Go D!

The camera is available for pre-ordering at Amazon in black or in silver for $150, with free shipping, and pre-order and post-order low price guarantee. Estimated release is March 20, 2008 but usually Amazon is conservative with their estimates, meaning it may likely start shipping earlier, but it's certainly no guarantee.

To see how this fits in the Panasonic digital camera line-up, be sure to visit The Big List, and look under the Panasonic segment! And if you like the Big List, you can receive it as a PDF file if you subscribe to our FREE RSS feed!

Web coverage of this camera (so far)
More on this camera at the Imaging Insider, your wide angle view of the world of photography and imaging, Let's Go Digital, Engadget, and DC Views.

Update: More details from the Panasonic Global website! This includes three full-size sample pictures taken with the Panasonic LS80.


mrsfixit said...

Unless it's lack of coffee and not being quite awake yet- I don't see sensor size mentioned...

Let's see- could it be the ubiquitous 1/2.5 sensor that seems to be in *every* new digicam?

And they're bragging about ISO 6400 capability... yeah, I'd like to see those shots. LOL

My Canon A640 can barely handle ISO 800 and it's got a 1/1.8 sensor.

And this camera comes in three colors... gee, what a novelty.

Let's see, silver for soccer mom's, black for the guys, and pink.... for teenage girls.


I really hope PMA brings something really new and actually improved, but I doubt it.

But thanks for the report.

1001 is one of my daily stops for all things photographic!

Great site!

1001 noisy cameras said...

According to the specs at Let's Go, it is a 1/2.5" sensor, perhaps similar or the same as the ones found in the "older" FX55 and FX33. They haven't even jumped to the "larger" 1/2.33" CCD.

The spec competition is out of control, who has the higher ISO, who has the most different ways to achieve image stabilization (why don't they include a mini tripod with the camera, it's an extra stabilization method!), who has more megapixels, who has faster video, etc.

But at least this one has PSAM (most call it PASM), which in my opinion should be included in every camera from the major manufacturers.

Thanks for reading and participating!

mrsfixit said...

The 1/2.5 sensor. What a surprise. NOT. LOL

This reminds me of the menu offerings of some ersatz Mexican restaurants.

No, I'm not knocking Mexican food- because *real* Mexican food is great.

But at the fake places, when you order a burrito, you get meat, beans, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla, and when you order an enchilada you get a tortilla stuffed with cheese, beans, and meat...

See what I mean, it's all the same, but just switched around a bit to seem different...

I think it's a good analogy, no? LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

Oh breakfast ideas? :)

Unfortunately the way the digital camera market is operating, we can expect a large percentage of the new camera announcements to be of the mass-market big-box-superstore variety. We can only hope that each manufacturer has at least one camera that sparks some interest!