Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Pentax K200D DSLR officially announced!

No more leaks! Stop the leakage! The new Pentax K20D and K200D DSLRs, along with five lenses, and three Optios are now official. We start with the K200D, then go to the K20D, then the three lenses, and then start looking at reactions to the new announcements.

Meet the Pentax K200D DSLR

  • 10mp APS-C "DX" CCD sensor
  • Uses Pentax K, KA, KAF, KAF2 lenses- don't read this out loud in front of another person - you'll end up coughing on them ;-)
  • Sensor shift image stabilization (claims of up to 4 stops advantage)
  • weather sealed body (NEW!)
  • SAFOX VIII, TTL phase matching 11pt wide AF system
  • ISO 100 to 1600
  • Multi-segment, center, and spot metering (Hello Canon?)
  • Penta-mirror 96% FoV, 0.85x magnification, diopter
  • built-in pop up flash, GN 13
  • P-TTL hot-shoe 1/180s
  • 12-bit RAW (PEF or DNG)
  • 2.8 fps (4 RAW or JPEG) - not exactly a speed demon
  • 1.1 fps (for ever - or until the card fills up, whichever comes first)
  • 23 custom functions
  • 2.7" LCD (230k)
  • 4 AA batteries - how about Eneloops if you don't drain them out daily?
  • OPTIONAL: Battery Grip BG3, Cable Switch CS-205, Magnifying Eyepiece O-ME53 (1.2x), etc
  • 22.2oz without batteries or memory card (surely one can use it in such a state?)
  • PRICE: $800 with the new 18-55 DA lens (March 2008)
  • PRE-ORDER: The K200D is available for pre-order, body-only for $700 and with the 18-55 DA II kit lens for $800.

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