Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Pentax Lens Roadmap and three new lenses under development announced at PMA 2008

Pentax has some new news for Pentax fans at PMA 2008. Three new lenses are under development and a new official lens roadmap is ...mapped!

Details at dpreview, and pentaxforums.com. The roadmap in PDF format is linked from both of the above sites.

The three new lenses under development are the [smc PENTAX DA * 55mm f1.4 SDM], equivalent to 83mm or so in 35mm equivalency. Note the f1.4 and the SDM (Pentax's name for silent and smooth AF). Zoomers might be interested in the [smc PENTAX DA * 60-250mm f4 ED IF SDM], a zoom ratio of just over 4X, and 35mm equivalency of around 90 to 375mm. Standard zoom lensers might be interested in the new [smc PENTAX DA 17-70 f4 AL IF SDM]. This comes out to about 26-105 in 35mm equivalency. Note: The math is off the top of my head, so they are likely to be a couple of mm off. I'm doing a 1.5x, instead of a 1.5x multiplication :)

Also on the roadmap one can observe a [DA * 30mm SDM] and a [DA 15mm Limited]

Also of interest, there is a 645 lens in the roadmap, the [D FA 645 55m f2.8], which the text states that it will be available at the same time as the Pentax 645D launch. We are not sure if this text was included in previous editions of the roadmap or if this was recently added. If it is the latter, then this sounds promising for those waiting (im)patiently for the Pentax 645D! It looks like this was the older cached roadmap. The 645 lens is gone from the roadmap :(

As you can expect these new lenses have generated some buzz among Pentaxians. Here are some sample threads from the Pentax SLR Talk forum at dpreview discussing these new lenses:

  • Roadmap discussion
  • 60-150 and 17-70 discussion
  • What's missing?
  • Not related to the new lenses, but discussing the new dpreview Lens tests which include two Pentax lenses

    PS1> [IF[ does not mean the lens is iffy, but rather internal focusing.
    PS2> You do not need a pill for ED.
    PS3> [DA *] is not a TMZ/reality TV term, it does not mean "da star"

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