Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Samsung S1060, i100 and i80 digital cameras

Lost in the shuffle of waves and waves of new camera announcements were a trio of compact digital cameras by Samsung. So what if they already announced a soccer team of new cameras at CES? More more more! Let's try and sort them out!

We've already mentioned the brand new Samsung GX20 and we will be mentioning the two new lenses later on. This post will concentrate on the trio of compact digital cameras that were announced half-heartedly announced by Samsung.

A camera we predicted for CES 2008, has been announced at pre-PMA. We are talking about the Samsung S1060, which follows up on the S1050. As expected it featuers a 10mp sensor, 5x optical zoom lens, no stabilization, 2.7" LCD, and such. More details on this camera at Photography Blog, and dp now.

Also mentioned at dp now are the new Samsung i100 and i80, with 3" LCDs and P(i)MP functionality. As the model names suggest, they are at 10mp and 8mp. The i100 features optical stabilization which Samsung calls OIS. More on this at Photography Blog (i80) and Photography Blog (i100).

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