Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Sony 25mp CMOS sensor, 35mm full frame size

Sony raises the stakes with the announcement of a new 25mp CMOS sensor, of the 35mm full frame size. The press release is starting to generate a buzz around the different photography and gadget sites. You can already find the press release at Imaging Resource, Steve's Digicams, Gizmodo, and CNet Crave, and Adorama News Desk.

The basic stats mention 12-bit A/D, and 6.3fps, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can get a 6.3fps mode on an actual camera at full resolution.

Discussions of the new sensor are already heating up in the Sony SLR Talk dpreview forum. Expect some discussions in the non-denominational News Talk forum at dpreview. Let the full frame vs cropped frame debates get recycled once again :)

The Canon 1Ds Mark III and the Nikon D3 are the only current 35mm full frame DSLRs available. Thanks to blog reader Nesohu for reminding us that the Canon 5D is also a current model. All apologies to the 5D fans for the non-inclusion. Time to shutdown for the day or drink a gallon of coffee :)

We forgot to mention our previous discussion and poll, who is the most likely company to come up with a 35mm full frame DSLR next?


NESOHU said...

There are other 35mm full frame DSLRs available.

1. Kodak do produce FF dSLR for Canon and Nikon mount
2. EOS 5D
3. Don't forget the 1Ds Mark II.

1001 noisy cameras said...

That's what happens when I write with one-eye open! Where's the coffee? Let me fix it :)

I only meant to include the current models, there's a few more 35mm FF models that are not currently current like the Kodaks, the 1Ds Mk I/II, the Contax, and ...???...

Anonymous said...

Hasselblad ;)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Hasselblad! Which reminds me to add medium format cameras to my "cover more" list :-)

I'm sure this sensor will revitalize some of the 35mm vs MF debates and comparisons. Especially if the 645D is given a new lease on life!