Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New wave of Canon and Fuji cameras to be featured tomorrow

We will have more details on the new wave of Canon and Fuji cameras announced in the last few minutes. For now, we have spotlighted some of the most interesting ones, namely the new 12mp Canon Digital Rebel XSi, now with a spotmeter, the 11mp 2/3" prosumer Fuji S100 FS, and Fuji F100fd.

We would also like to point out that the S100 FS is the first digital camera to come out with a 2/3" sensor since the 8mp 2/3" sensor cameras of 2004-ish. For more on those cameras, be sure to visit the list of prosumer cameras from 2002 to 2008 at the RAWsumer blog.

More new cameras to be featured tomorrow

  • Fuji S8100fd: replacement of Fuji S8000fd
  • Fuji S1000fd: Fuji's attempt at the fun zoom segment with a small-sih 12X superzoom
  • Fuji Z20fd: Replaces Fuji Z10fd, currently at around $150
  • Fuji J10 and J50: New line of affordable LiIon-based cameras
  • Canon SD1100 IS: The entry-level Elph gets IS! Replaces the IS-less Canon SD1000. Well not necessarily replaces, since Canon usually likes to have the newer models sit side by side with the older models
  • Canon A580 and A590-IS: Think of the A560 and A570-IS duo, but newer
  • Canon A470: The lower tier of the legendary A-series. My opinion? Go for an A5xx or above.
  • Two new sought after Canon lenses
  • Total of five new Canon digital cameras (one DSLR), two lenses, and seven new Fuji digital cameras, including three superzooms.
  • That's all for now, back tomorrow for more excitement :)

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