Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nikon D60 battery on Amazon and Google - leak, typo, or clever marketing?

We "accidentally" run a search on Amazon for "Nikon D60" and found a battery offered by electronics outfit DS Miller named "Nikon D60 battery", made by Hi Capacity. The date first available says July 2007, but those dates are not always reliable. For example, sometimes a camera that was just announced has a date going back 3-4 years ago.

Then we went to Google and searched for "D60 battery" and found a number of results. Are all these Nikon D60 batteries, typos or clever marketing? We blog, you decide!


fotomik said...

Specs on the camera and three new lenses (60mm AF-S Micro, 24mm T/S, 16-85 VR) posted on dpreview. Get 'em now while they're still there.

yheah, they're probably fake, but you never know.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! That's a great catch! Let me write it up before it magically disappears!

Anonymous said...

Of course the D60 has a battery. You thought it was going to be solar powered? Now THAT would be newsworthy!

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL! Solar would be nice for green'er cameras, especially when people are shooting outdoors!

This post was posted before the D60 was announced - it was a rumor mongering post :)