Monday, January 7, 2008

Nine new Kodak digital cameras

The Attack of the Silver Clones continues with nine new Easyshare digital cameras from Kodak! Yes, nine (9). Oh boy! It's gonna take us a while to sort them out so please bear with us while we stumble upon them.

Kudos to Kodak for actually updating their website with the new models. The other two manufacturers that had waves of new products (Casio and Samsung) have not updated their websites. They still say "2007". How difficult is it to co-ordinate a new product launch with a website update? It can't be _that_ difficult!

What type of sensors is Kodak using? Detailed specs have not emerged yet so we do not know if their 10mp cameras went with the new 1/2.33" sensor or they are using the more traditional 1/1.8"-ish sensors. Time will tell!

In this post "Schneider-KV" is shortcut for "Schneider Kreuznach Variogon". You guessed it, it repeats many times below :)

The features pages at for a number of these cameras (the three new Z-series) indicate that they can take both a LiIon battery but also AA and CRV3 batteries! If this is indeed so, then it is a very welcome development! Power independence is one of our pet peeves :)

All the Kodak cameras mentioned below have a 2.5" LCD and take SD/MMC memory cards - unless otherwise stated below! Most of them (if not all of them) seem to mumble about HD video but I'm not paying attention to video mode. And the other assortment of consumer features like face detection.

Meet the Kodak Z1085 IS
The Z1085 has a 5x optical zoom (35-175mm) Schneider-KV branded lens with optical stabilization and what Kodak calls "manual features". It allows you to set both shutter speed and aperture in "manual mode", but it does not have Tv or Av. Thus no PSAM, just P/M. It uses the KLIC-8000 LiIon battery but the Kodak page shows that it can also take AA and CRV3. It will be available in March 2008 for $250.

Meet the Kodak Z1285
The Z1285 features a 12mp 1/1.72" CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom (35-175mm) branded Schneider-KV, but not stabilization. Uses 2 AA batteries. It has a manual mode where you can set both aperture and shutter speed. It will be available in January 2008 for $200. This replaces the similarly named Kodak Z1275.

Meet the Kodak Z8612 IS
An 8mp 12x Schneider-KV IS superzoom (36-432mm) this camera continues the tradition of Kodak 12x superzooms. Kodak has not jumped on the hyperzoom bandwagon and remains, along with Canon at 12X. Of course Canon has not announced their 2008 superzooms so it's too early to tell. Information is scarce on this model, but it does have PSAM which is always a good thing. The info page seems to hint that the camera can take both LiIon or AA-batteries. I'm not sure if this is a first for Kodak or has been going on with their other cameras. The camera comes with the KLIC 8000 LiIon battery. It also features a live view histogram which is another pet peeve for a number of users. It will be available in March 2008 for $250.

Meet the Kodak V1273
A 3" touch screen separates this from the previous generations of the V-series. It has a 3x Schneider-KV lens (no range mentioned) with optical image stabilization. It has the obligatory scene modes but no PSAM. It uses a LiIon KLIC-7004 battery. Available in February 2008 for $280.

Meet the Kodak V1073
Also having a 3" touch screen, and available in March 2008 for $250, the V1073 is similar to the V1273, but has a 10mp sensor as you may have guessed from the model name. With a 3x Scheider-KV lens with optical stabilization and such.

Meet the Kodak M1033
The "flagship" of the M-series at $200 (March 2008), this features 10mp, and a 3x (35-105mm) Kodak Retinar lens, a 3" LCD, scene modes but no PSAM, and KLIC-7004 LiIon battery. Available in "serious camera black" color.

Meet the Kodak M893 IS
In five colors you can get this lovely for $180 but you have to wait impatiently until April 2008. It uses an 8mp 1/2.5" CCD, 3x lens that is a bit wide (34-102mm), 2.7" LCD (230K), KLIC-7001 LiIon battery, scene modes galore but no PSAM.

Meet the Kodak M873
Available in six edible colors at $150 in February 2008, 3x (34-102mm) Kodak optical zoom (not Retinar!), and what else can you expect at this price range? 2.7" LCD (230K pixels), 8mp 1/2.5" CCD, and KLIC-7001 LiIon battery too.

Meet the Kodak M863
Available in six edible colors at $130, in February 2008. Kodak refuses to leave the entry-level market. Someone must have been drinking beverages of high alcoholic content when they said last year they were "exiting the entry level market". It has a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, 3x optical zoom (34-105mm), 2.7" LCD (230k pixels), and such.

Meet the Kodak C813
We discussed this a couple of days ago and we are in Kodak overload so we are not going to repeat it here. In summary: Yet another shiny silver :)

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