Saturday, January 19, 2008

Olympus E3 review reactions, a disturbance in the forum-verse, and other stories (forum drive thru)

The dpreview forums are back online! Get back! Get back to where you once (okay, I don't want to pay royalties, I won't finish the sentence) :-)

The latest updates on the forum status can be found on this dpreview status page.

General Chatter

  • Waiting for Canon 5D Mark II rumors.
  • Olympians discuss a ...luminous Olympus E3 review. Okay, field test, not review.
  • Canon vs Nikon, base ISO edition.
  • Do Bridezillas eat wedding photographers for breakfast or do they just need a project (wedding) manager?
  • Discussion of the possibilities of the Sigma DP1 lens
  • Some technobabble: DSLRs and mechanical shutters or some other techno-babble.
  • It was only an L bracket!
  • What do you do with a used Olympus E300?
  • Congrats to the forum user who made it to the Pentax Gallery.
  • What of the digital gray card? Not be confused with B5's Gray Council.
  • Comments on the Biofos comments on the E-system.

    These topics keep coming back for more
  • Ken Rockwell. No need to explain!
  • If you missed this pre-crash, a full frame discussion, and film is not dead!
  • And the outrage of the day

    Disturbance in the Forum-Verse
    As you can expect the temporary disturbance in the forum-verse created a big stir. Here are some reactions and discusions on the incident: First up, the official announcement of the downtime. And an ...array of self-appointed IT authorities chime in and in and in ;-) And some complaining. And some totally crazy things.

    Picture threads!
  • Pet Photos! Meow! Woof! Squeak! Oink!

    Amnesty day at the DC Resource forums
    Monday January 21, 2008 is amnesty day at the DC Resource forums. On that day, they will remove the block on "freeware" email accounts so Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail users can register. These domains apparently cause spam problems because of the free nature of the accounts.

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