Monday, January 14, 2008

Olympus E3 vs Nikon D300 debate, Ford goes lawyer-crazy, and other stories (forum drive thru)

Let's take a look at some of the buzz in the always busy dpreview forums...

What exactly is Ford thinking? Yet another example of "companies gone wild"?

If you love cats, you are in luck! The Sunday Cat has more cats than your local cat show! But even an innocent cat thread can generate forum drama.

A discussion on cameras with weather sealing and build quality. I am assuming they are not talking about my favorite Hello Kitty V2000 XTreMe SandStorm Granite edition.

Is this Pentax K10D taking gloomy pictures? And where do you find inspiration?

And now the face-off. We know you love face-off threads! Olympus E3 vs Nikon D300. This thread is in the Olympus home court. Expect a lot of heated debates!

Someone interested in the Nikon D40 run into Ken Rockwell's comments about the D40. A discussion follows!

The follow-through from CES 2008 was not lost among forum users. Is this the end of HD-DVD?

Rumors travel in circles on the net, this thread is discussing potential Sony Alpha A900 rumors. But if the A900 is already not good enough for you (even though we don't really know what it is), then please join the discussion for the A900 replacement!!! I kid you not. Personally I'm holding out for the next next next next next A900 replacement that is controlled by a telepathic interface, it has its own rocket engine, and can hold orbit around the earth for 3 days. It will also have a special on-sensor filter that allows it to take macro pictures of the Sun with its special anti-matter wide-angle lens ;-)

Enough techno-babble, how about some pictures, more specifically street scenes from the Big Apple?

Meanwhile Sean Reviews (paid subscription-based site) has published their Ricoh GRD II review. Discussion in the Ricoh forum.

And what to hope or expect for the next Panasonic LX-series model? Assuming of course that there will be one.

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