Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Panasonic leak-athon summary (TZ5, TZ4, FX35, LZ10, LZ8, FS20, FS5, FS3)

To summarize the Panasonic day so far, we have the following. It started with the Panasonic FS3 on the Panasonic UK site, noticed in the Panasonic dpreview forum. Meanwhile, Engadget noticed that the Panasonic RSS feed was "leaking" the headlines of product announcements, which revealed the FX35. After that, we performed a few likely model name searches on Amazon and found the TZ5, TZ4, LZ8, and FS5. Then the official announcements came out and revealed two more cameras, the LZ10 and FS20!

  • Panasonic TZ5
  • Panasonic TZ4
  • Panasonic FX35
  • Panasonic LZ8
  • Panasonic FS5 and FS3
  • Panasonic FS20 and LZ10

    For discussions on past, present and future Panasonic digital cameras, be sure to check the Panasonic dpreview forum.

    Web coverage of the new Panasonics
  • dpreview
  • CNet's Crave on the FX35
  • Amin Foto comments on the new announcements. Amin Foto has performed some very interesting shootouts - such as the nine-part series Canon G7 vs Ricoh GX100 vs Leica D-Lux2.

    Monthly Production Output according to Panasonic Japan
    By looking at the press releases at Panasonic Japan, computer-translated thanks to Altavista's Babelfish, we discover the following monthly production outputs, in terms of camera units:
  • The wide angle cutie, the FX35, in five body colors: 80,000 units per month
  • The affordable LiIon FS3: 40,000 per month (three body colors)
  • The affordable mid-range zoom LZ10: 10,000 per month (1 body color)
  • The entry level P&SLS80: 10,000 per month (1 body color)
  • We did not find numbers for the remaining models

    Panasonic TZ5 sample pictures
    dpnow.com has posted sample pictures from the Panasonic TZ5. Squirrel included :)

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