Monday, January 28, 2008

Panasonic Lumix Preview at PMA 2008 tonight!

The Imaging Insider informs us that the Panasonic PMA 2008 Lumix preview event at PMA is taking place tonight!

The people attending the event will obviously be under NDA, but this means that an announcement should be expected!

Our speculation (along with rumors) on Panasonic at the giant PMA 2008 post and the prosumer specific post.

For all things Panasonic, be sure to check the Panasonic dpreview forum early and often!

So far Panasonic has announced one digital camera in 2008, the entry level Panasonic Lumix LS80.

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A little bit more on the various things different people are wishing Panasonic would introduce at the RAWsumer blog.

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