Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pentax K20D and K200D sample pictures and reactions!

We have already mentioned the Pentax K20D announcement, and the Pentax K200D announcement, and the five new lenses. Now it is time to check around the net to see what different bloggers and forum users are thinking about the new cameras, and also see how many sample pictures have surfaced!

And we start with sample pictures. Photography Blog has posted 40 pictures taken with a pre-production K20D using the new 18-55 DA AL II lens. These were taken at the Dubai press event we mentioned a few days earlier on.

On the hands-on preview department, dpreview has posted a hands-on preview of the K20D.

Meanwhile Pentax forums moderator "codiac2600" has posted a 2500 word essay of his experience using the Pentax K20D. "Codiac2600" used a prototype model for his review, without finalized firmware. This is a text-filled review! Read on and make the text larger :) An 8-page discussion of his review ensues right there.

Photography Magazine Pop Photo has posted their their first impressions by Jack Howard, and this includes 14 sample images.

NEW! Pentax Super User Benjikan is back from the Pentax Press Event and he is brining some goodies with him! Pentax K20D sample images. Discussion at PentaxForums, images are hosted at SmugMug and

NEW! YouTube videos from Pentax via OK1000 Pentax blog

Monthly Production Numbers from Japan
Pentax K20D: 25,000 units per month
Pentax K200D: 30,000 units per month
DA* 300: 1,500 units per month
DA* 200: 2,000 units per month
35mm Limited MACRO: 2,000 units per month
18-55 DA AL II: 3,000 units per month
55-300 DA: 4,000 units per month

Ryan Brenizer opines on Pentax in a pre-capture mode.

For up to the minute discussions be sure to check the dpreview Pentax SLR talk forum and the forum

Tired of the K20D already? Took too many pictures with it, learned all its features, squeezed out everything you can? Well then how about a future K30D or a K1D?

Why oh why just 3fps Pentax K20D? We have the need for speed! We love "connected copying". That darned Casio EX F1 can do 60fps for crying out loud! And a petition for FPS.

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