Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pentax K20D, Samsung GX20 leaked at last?

Have the Pentax K20D and Samsung GX20 finally been leaked? It is starting to point in that direction! One eagle-eyed dpreview forum user spotted the K20D on the website of the Pentax distributor in Russia. Direct link to the Pentax Russian distributor specs page.

Another forum user has made a quick comparison between the K10D and K20D.

Meanwhile another dpreview forum user has picked up reports from Korea on the GX20 and the rumored new APS-C sensor.

More threads will undoubtedly spring in up the dpreview Pentax SLR Talk forum, so be sure to visit early and often!

Another good place to catch Pentax news are the aptly named Pentaxforums.com. There you will also find a discussion of the Russian Pentax K20D leak, and the Korean GX20 story.

And some more fun, a reputable Pentax photographer has posted a mystery hands-on preview. Now that's what I call fun!!! Some very Pentax-bullish statements are made in that thread! Must read!

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