Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photography Soup (No Tech Talk Allowed!)

For all our readers who are bored, tired or not interested in the latest cascading waves of new digital cameras, we have a special edition of the Photography Soup that is free of new digital cameras, rumors, gadgets and speculation!

And we start with a wave of pictures, Epic Edits has posted their latest photo dump. Those are pictures from the Epic Edits Flickr Photo pool.

Meanwhile the Imaging Insider has a couple of stories of interest from the world of photojournalism: A photographer and Columbia, and a photographer and Benazir Bhutto.

Also at the Imaging Insider, a do-nothing politician gets censured for kicking a photographer.

Ryan Brenizer of the Ryan Brenizer Amazon blog shares with us a recent engagement photoshoot session.

It's never too late to learn more! Take a look at the week that was at the Digital Photography School (DPS).

More pictures, here's the latest photo of the day at Photography Bay.

If you missed any of the updates at the PDN Pulse blog, be sure to check their week in review!

Underwater photographer Brian Skerry talks to Pop Photo online. Also Pop Photo's Flash blog critiques user-submitted pictures.

More images, David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk has a very nicely done Sedona ridge picture, then points us to the best of National Geographic, and has a round-up of wedding photographers from our the world.

We, on the other hand, we are venturing into a segment of photography that has been under-served: divorce photography ;-)

Wow, did we really manage to have a whole post without a single mention of digital cameras, rumors, gadgets and technology?

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