Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photography Soup (Sunday January 13, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the Photography Soup. This is a techno-babble heavy edition with the usual visits around the photo-blogo-sphere and a few more local camera shops getting spotlighted.

Photographer's Corner
In this new experimental segment, we'll try to feature at least one photographer in each new Photography Soup episode. Today we will feature two!

We start with a photo blog containing pictures taken with the Pentax K10D at the blog that bares the camera's name. Next we visit, the website of photographer Wade Heninger, who also offers a one-on-one digital workflow tutorial.

If you have any photographers you wish to nominate, let me know via email. The email address is in the "About" heading in the right sidebar/column of this blog.

Around the Photo-blogo-sphere

  • Ryan Brenizer opines on the new casio EX-F1, mentions the Big Red, and wonders what the future holds for digital stills and digital video.
  • The Sony A200 gets a new first impressions look at Digital Camera Info. And a few days earlier, e-photographia posted their own early look at a pre-production model. The A700 is available for pre-ordering (Amazon, $700).
  • Continuing with the Sony Alpha DSLR theme, Bob Atkins has posted his Sony A100 review.
  • If you missed it from earlier today, here are some of the latest stories at the Imaging Insider.
  • Putting gadgetology in perspective.
  • If studios and lights are of interest, be sure to check out And thanks to Studio Lighting for mentioning our post on Nikon being #1 in Japan for 2007, which has also appeared in the anime forum
  • The network is no longer the computer. The network is the people! A photographer's portal at
  • PC Photo has created a useful SLR system resource mini-site. You know, SLRs, lenses, etc.
  • And speaking of DSLRs, David Pogue of the NY Times talks "mid-range" DSLRs, namely the Canon 40D, Nikon D300, Olympus E3, and Sony A700.
  • And some numbers revisited at this USA Today story in the Honolulu Advertiser. There we are reminded that in Q3 2007, Canon had the lead in the USA market with 23%, Sony followed with 18% and Kodak held off the contenders (read: Samsung) at #3 with 15%. Q3 is the 3rd quarter, namely July, August and September. Quite summer days, but also captures a big chunk of the back to school sales.
  • Don't want to deal with RSS readers? Aphlog presents the headlines from a number of popular photography sites.
  • While visiting the Exploring Digital Photography blog, we found a link to this story, 100 places to post your photos.
  • Got a DSLR? Want some tips? Then check out!
  • Free? SmugMug is offering a free class at its headquarters.
  • has a new site design!

    Support Your Local Camera Shop
    We continue with our local camera shop initiative by spotlighting some more shops from the list! First up, we have Bob's Photo in Bismark, North Dakota. Then we take a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina where we find Camera World. From there we head south to Chris Camera Center in Aiken, South Carolina, not far from where they play the Masters Golf tournament. For more local shops or to add your local shop to the list, visit the Support your local camera shop page.

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