Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photography Soup (Sunday January 20, 2008)

In today's edition, we have a round up of round ups, we orbit around the photo blogo sphere, and feature the last group of local camera shops from our Support Local Camera Shop Initiative.

Round-up of Round-ups: We take round ups to the next level with a round up of round-ups!

  • A round-up of some nice links at Epic Edits.
  • Meanwhile the PDN Pulse blog has posted their week in review
  • CNet's UnderExposed blog has posted their recent links of the day
  • We recently posted a round-up of some of our favorite Imaging Insider stories, which includes a podcast with Nikon mentor Mark Alberhasky who discusses among other topics the Nikon D3 and Nikon D300.
  • Pop Photo's blog (yes they have a blog), has posted their week in review. The links are all clustered together with very little text in between. And I thought I was laconic :)

    Around the Photo Blogosphere
  • Ryan Brenizer spotlights non-DSLR cameras that dare to be different. And their price-range varies too!
  • A group of Olympus users had a field day (literally!)
  • I think DC Views is hinting that a new Sony Cybershot T300 may be coming up. Or not? We are confused, you decide!
  • New news at the Image Sensors World, including a new supplier for Samsung Techwin (for cellphone cameras).
  • Copyright debate? More at the Photo Editor, a blog written by "a" photo editor.
  • Scott Kelby shares his wishlist for Lightroom 2.0.
  • We missed most of them the first time, so we are "re-running" the 100 tips in 100 days that ended in late December 2007. Now this blog has more in common with the TV: reruns! We are currently at tip #2, capturing b+w and color at the same time, a tip by Joe Farace.
  • Tired of experts, gurus, self-appointed authorities and know-it-alls? Visit the photonovice blog!

    Recent Posts at 1001 Noisy
  • We are a poor blog, we can't afford to review the Nikon D3 or Canon 1Ds Mark III, but it is within our budget to review photography magazine ads! :-)
  • A new forum drive thru, including discussions of the Olympus E3 review by Luminous Landscape
  • Updated the DSLR Review Matrix with new reviews!
  • The most popular posts here at 1001 Noisy of the last few days.

    Support Your Local Camera Shop Initative
    We have the last group of local camera shops to spotlight in this segment! For all the local camera shops listed or to add your store to the list, be sure to visit the aforementioned page. So let's see where the last leg of our local camera shop magical photomystery tour takes us:

    We start at Leo's Camera Shop in Klamath Falls, Oregon, grab a quick bite at the local Bimart, and then jump all the way to Bradenton, Florida where we shop shop shop at Johnson Photo Imaging. Then we criss-cross the country again, and load up our camera bags with new gear from Myrick Photo in Monterey California. We conclude our magical mystery tour with two stops in the state of Pennsylvania. First up at the Camera Shop Online in Bryn Mawr, and then at the Photography Center in Malvern.

    This concludes the Photography Soup Spotlight of all the camera shops listed in our Support your local camera shop initiative page. The list is always open for more members, so if you want your local store to be added, just let us know!


    photonovice said...

    Thanks for including a link to my blog.
    Although I'm really not a pro, I hope my articles about my experiences and learnings will be benefitial for other beginners of photography.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    You are welcome! We have to keep in mind that everyone started as a beginner!

    (With a few very rare exceptions of people who had a photographic epiphany)