Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photography Soup (Thursday January 17, 2008)

In today's installment we spin around the blogosphere, go inside the Imaging Insider, and visit a few more local camera shops! It's a good thing we don't have to pay airfare for all the e-trips we've taken ;-)

Around the Photo Blogo Sphere

  • The Pentax K20D and Samsung GX20 rumors are given a boost today by Wired's Gadget Lab and the Adorama News Desk. For more rumoralia, be sure to check out long and winding PMA 2008 rumors, predictions, speculations spectacular.
  • We take a look at the current results of our on-going poll on the top priority features of future prosumers at the RAWsumer blog.
  • Flickr scores a major victory among photo sharing sites. Find out more at CNet's Underexposed blog.
  • Who needs e-harmony or when you have Nikon!
  • And speaking of which, we have a railroad romance at Epic Edits.
  • Photography Blog has just posted their Sony A700 review.
  • discusses the new 32gb 133x CF card from Transcend.
  • Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider has an update on the latest Lightroom update: new Flash-based galleries!
  • A new wave of updates at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk. Among the new stories, David shares his expertise on Layers TV, discusses portrait techniques, shares some of his images, and mingles with the (Photoshop) stars.
  • Like bargains? Are you a pack-rat? You can get volume discounts on refurbished and new camera and memory card products at Evertek.
  • The latest edition of the PDN Pulse PhotoFeed has been published.
  • Ryan Brenizer hits the trifecta, with pictures published the big three NYC newspapers.
  • A five-pack of new news at the Image Sensors World!
  • A new "edgy" competition has been spotted at Photo Compete.
  • Scott Kelby has posted his Tuesday News Nuggets, including a review of his new book by the blog critics.
  • TOP has a web round-up. TOP of course being The Online Photographer.
    Meanwhile Strobist features a video of a belly dancer photo shoot. Multimedia at its best.

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Four paparazzi get arrested over Britney. Oh the drama!
  • A Mac World Expo round-up is featured!
  • The Canon 14mm II lens gets a ...wet review!
  • A book review! Take your photography to the next level gets reviewed by the Blog Critics.
  • Another local camera shop is shutting its doors! Be sure to visit our "Support your local Camera shop" segment right below to check some of the remaining local camera shops.

    The Support your local Camera Shop initiative
    The spotlight segment continues featuring local camera shops, starting with Artcraft camera and digital with three locations in the state of New York. From there we fly north to Northern Vermont where we find the The Photo Garden. We stop by Ben and Jerry's for some ice-cream, before we go all the way to the west for Ulmer Photo in Stockton, California.

    Then we zig-zag back to the east coast - it's a good thing we are not paying for these cyber flights, where we stop by the Wayne Camera Center in Wayne, New Jersey. And then back to the west coast for a shopping spree at Swanlaund's in Eureka, California!

    Our trip will continue in the next edition of the Photography Soup, which will be posted in a couple of days - unless we have major news or rumors breaking out and disrupting our plans!

    For more camera shops or to add your shop to the list, be sure to visit the support your local camera shop initiative page.

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