Thursday, January 3, 2008

Photography Soup (Thursday, January 3, 2008)

Welcome to the first edition of the Photography Soup in 2008. Happy Gnu Year!!! We continue with our local camera shop spotlight, and take our first look at the 2008 blogosphere.

Local Camera Shop Spotlight
We continue our spotlight of local camera shops by featuring Art's Cameras Plus with three stores in the Milwaukee area, in the state of Wisconsin. For more on this or to add your store to the list, visit the Support your local camera shop initiative.

Around The Photo-Blogo-Sphere

  • Posts like this make Ken Rockwell haters happy: An attempt at a comparison between the Nikon D3 and the Hasselblad H3D-22Mb through a third-party photographer.
  • Discover a brand new but promising blog, Neutral Day, which covers photography news, information, gossip, tips, and more!
  • When AIRC first run their 100 tips in 100 days, we missed most of them. So now we will start running them, from the beginning, starting today with Tip #1: Look down - really, there's a whole new world down there!
  • The PDN Pulse has posted their latest edition of the Photo Feed. The Photo Feed is sort of like the Photography Soup but covers serious topics :)
  • Microsoft makes Outlook photographer-friendly says CNet's Underexposed blog. Prepare for a blue haze on the front of your lens ;-)
  • From the Adorama NewsDesk, SmartyPants (ok, SmartParts) has a new 32" digital picture frame. Yes, not a typo, thirty-two inch digital picture frame. If televisions can be around $500 at that screen size, what stops them from making digital picture frames? More on this at CameraTown and many other places.
  • Amin Foto discusses the new Olympus 12-60 ED lens, which was named lens of the year by TOP. Can Amin resist buying this lens? And if he can't, will he have to get the E510 or E3 so he can use it with sensor-shift stabilization?
  • If you like reality TV, you may like this new site, Estimates and Bids, an attempt at an inside look at photographic assignments and pricing.
  • David Ziser offers 12 ways to improve your photography in 2008. I especially like tip #7 :-)
  • Image Sensors World (ISW) discusses a new 110nm sensor from Dongbu-SETi. ISW is a good place for sensor talk!

    Bargain Hunter's Corner: Memory Card edition
  • 16gb SanDisk Extreme III CF card, $210 after a $90 mail-in rebate, from Calumet Photo
  • 2gb Kingston SD card $14, free shipping at
  • 2gb Olympus xD Type M memory card, $35, free shipping at


    amin said...

    That part about me getting the E-510 or E-3? You *know* I was thinking about it. That just ain't right 8-P.

    patrick said...


    Thanks for the mention. I was wondering where all the traffic was coming from, then I come here like pretty much everyday, and there's the answer.

    appreciate it,

    Patrick Dean

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    @ Amin,
    That's the hook! A nice lens or a nice camera, and then the chain reaction begins :)

    @ Patrick,
    You are welcome! Thanks for checking this noisy blog!