Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Photography Soup (Wedn January 16, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the Photography Soup! In this edition we spin around the photo blogosphere, we take a look at some more local camera shops, and point to a strange (?) naming coincidence that links Panasonic to Olympus. We also introduce a new segment that focuses on tips, how-tos, and tutorials.

Tips and Tutorials

  • Ryan Brenizer has a nice post for first time DSLR buyers who might be struggling with the adjustment. Have you reddit?
  • David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk gets crafty and saves you $50 on a bounce flash! Do you Digg it? David also spotlights a Photoshop tutorial.
  • Episode 106 of Photoshop User TV is up and running. Among the topics discussed is creating image effects that remind of the movie "300". The show is taped from the floor of the Imaging USA Expo.
  • How to make your auction photos stand out at idigitalphoto. We found this story at the Photography Voter, a web 2.0 social bookmarking site that focuses on photography.

    Stories from the CES 2008 floor
    Pogue of the New York Times recaps the Gizmodo prank at CES 2008. For those who missed it, one teenage lobotomy (is that a Ramones reference?) from Gizmodo was running around with a TV remote turning off TVs during the CES Expo and even during one presentation and then posted a video on their website showcasing their prank. And speaking of CES 2008, here is a recap of all the digital cameras announced there.

    Around the Photo-blogo-sphere
  • Surely you are aware of the name Olympus is using for their DSLRs in some markets. They call them E-Volt. That name is the topic of jokes in photography forums, but that's another story. Here's something interesting though: Panasonic Japan has announced new alkaline batteries named EVOLTA. Both links are computer-translated via AltaVista.
  • A Nikon mentor podcast, Kodak and the Donald, and more at our latest roundup of stories posted at the Imaging Insider.
  • We also just noticed this story at the Insider: Roberts closing their Bloomington store. Bloomington is where the University of Indiana is. Not to be confused with Bloomingdales!
  • The Ricoh GRD II is getting a mini-wave of attention, with two reviews posted and a new gallery of pictures going up. A round-up of those at the RAWsumer blog.
  • Amin Foto focuses (no pun intended) on Olympus gear, with a look at a "weatherproofness test" of the Olympus E3, and a notice of a new Zuiko 70-300 field test.
  • Epic Edits is having a birthday party, but they are giving out gifts instead!
  • If you are a Pentaxian and want to have your photos showcased in a Pentax Screensaver, visit the OK 1000 blog for more details!
  • The latest photo feed from PDN Pulse is out!
  • Fotohacker has a list of 10 photo sharing sites.

    Support your local camera shop
    We continue with our Support your Local Camera Shop spotlight by looking at more local camera shops from our list. If you want to add your store to the list, or see who is listed, be sure to visit the aforementioned link.

    Today's mini-tour starts in Pontiac, Michigan, where we find the Camera Mart Inc. From there, we jump to New Jersey where we pay a visit to the Millburn Camera Shop and Livingston Camera Mart.

    We stay in Jersey where we take a look at Verona Camera, PhotoFair stores, and Mimosa Digital in Hoboken.

    Bargain Hunter's Corner: Glorified digital picture frames!

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