Friday, January 4, 2008

The recapper blog post (and some planning ahead)

A power outage derailed our blogging plans, so we were not able to cover the topics we were planning for today. Expect to see those covered during the weekend, which include remote coverage of the CES 2008, a recap of "all" the new digital cameras of 2008, more reviews in the DSLR Review Matrix, our opinion on which DSLR models are the biggest bang for the buck per DSLR brand, and more.

In the meantime, here are some of our most recent posts that you may have missed during the Blogging Marathons:

  • Lawrence Ripsher posts a critically acclaimed Canon 1D Mark III review.
  • Round-up of stories at the Imaging Insider and CNet's Underexposed
  • Want to read some DSLR reviews? 19 of the latest DSLR models are covered so far in the DSLR Review Matrix with more coming up! There's probably around 200 individual reviews listed there already. Read them cover to cover, there's a quiz coming up ;-) The Nikon D80 is next!
  • Sony A200 rumors, and wall to wall PMA 2008 rumors, speculation and predictions.
  • If you missed our blogging marathons, you can revisit them, each link includes all the blog posts posted during each marathon: XMas Blogging Marathon, and New Year's Blogging Marathon

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