Friday, January 25, 2008

Ricoh 500 SE scans the USA market

The Ricoh 500 SE is invading the USA market! Ricoh has decided to bring that camera along with the bar code scanner module to the USA market. The camera was already announced in Japan and other countries in February 2007. Details of the original announcement at dpreview.

Details of the USA announcement at Ubergizmo. The list price will be $900, and the optional bar code scanner $350. So far we have not seen this listed on any USA retailer site. We just checked Adorama which carries some of the other Ricoh models.

We have not mentioned this camera before in this blog (*gasp* we missed one!) so we are tagging it as a new camera so it will be included in the various categories.

For more details on the camera itself, be sure to check the Ricoh Global site, and the Ricoh Global Caplio 500SE page.


mrsfixit said...

...looks like you'll have to add it to the list of cameras with 1/1.8 sensors...

Kinda pricey though... a niche camera I guess.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Yeah, this looks like a very niche camera, one of Ricoh's "industrial" cameras.

The 1/1.8" is nice since fewer and fewer cameras use that and instead jump on the 10mp 1/2.33". I guess double-digit megapixels is the magic number for them!

Hopefully we'll have more from Ricoh! How about a follow-up to the GX100? Ricoh tells us something! We are waiting!

And if Ricoh, or any other manufacturer wants to leak their product on this blog, we'll be happy to do so! Just let us know! We do not have any NDAs to get in the way:)

mrsfixit said...

Yes- you're right.

*Any* new camera with a 1/1.8 or larger sensor is good news. LOL

I too am looking forward to announcements from Ricoh.

Hopefully, they won't jump on the 12 megapixel bandwagon.

I don't own a Ricoh, and in general find them to be rather pricey.

The GRD II and the GX100 run between $600-700 USD.

The sensor is only around 1/1.7 or so.

I am not trying to bash Ricoh, but I honestly don't see why these cameras command such high prices.

I have seen some of the higher ISO images from them and I was not impressed. They had a very grainy look that I don't care for.

Maybe it cleans up well in PP, I don't know...

Yes, manufacturers- please tell us NOW!

You expect us to wait another week until next Friday?


And BTW- if you need beta testers... lots of us here just waiting for the chance! LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

I think part of the reason they have a relatively high price is because of limited suppliers. Only Adorama and Pop Photo Flash are selling them officially in the US.

Plus they are rather unique compared to the other cameras out there. They do seem to do a lot better in RAW than JPEG.

Yes manufacturers, send us a box of your later releases and we'll put them through the paces for you :) That way all those embarrassing bugs and issues can be fixed before the general release :)