Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rumors: Is this the Fuji S100 Pro? A FinePix or FakePix?

Update! No longer a rumor, the Fuji S100 is real, and named Finepix S100 FS. The official announcement is here!

We are now starting to catch up with the latest rumors, after finishing up coverage of the new soccer team by Olympus (eleven new cameras). There are two threads in the dpreview Fuji talk forum that mention the Fuji S100 Pro. One was just started a couple of days and includes a picture that might be a computer rendering of a mock-up or the actual camera. Here is the newest thread that includes a picture, and here is the older thread.

One of the users in the above discussion pointed to the IECEE website, and indeed we went there and searched for "Finepix S100Pro" and found one entry that lists a Fuji Finepix S100Pro.

We do not know either way. We blog, you decide!

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