Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sigma DP1 is officially announced (again) (updated)

Yes! The Sigma DP1 has been officially re-announced by Sigma! We now have official specs again. But the world would spin off its axis if Sigma actually gave us a price and an actual release date. Dpreview reports that they were told by Sigma that it would be available in "Spring 2008". The price you ask? Available at $800, pre-order at Amazon at the moment.

The Sigma press release along with specifications at dpreview. Amin Foto discusses the new DP1. More coverage of the DP1 at Adorama News Desk, Nikon Watch, Imaging Resource, Photography Blog, Slash Gear, and Engadget.

Reactions to the Sigma DP1 re-introduction
As you can expect, the dpreview Sigma Talk forum is buzzing with the re-introduction of the DP1. Here are some sample reactions:

  • Discussions on the official announcement
  • Pictures of the DP1 body from multiple angles!
  • Focusing on ...focusing!
  • Guess the price - no fabulous prizes for the winners. Apparently the Australian price is the equivalent of $800 US dollars.
  • Some want more than just a fixed focal length lens
  • The DP1 is advertised in Oz (Spoiler alert: Foveon is the Wizard, Bayer is the Scarecrow, Pixel Peepers are the Lion, and the three color pixel is Dorothy!)
  • More discussions in the non-denominational dpreview News forum

    New coverage on the Sigma DP1
    Michael Tompkins of Imaging Resource has posted a new post on the Sigma DP1, detailing some of the differences between the new DP1 specification and the original DP1 specification. An interesting read for those interested in following the DP1.

    CNet's Underexposed blog covers the DP1 as well and mentions that the list price will be $1000.

    Meanwhile DCI (Digital Camera Info) is told by a Sigma USA representative that the price will be $800 with a release in March/April 2008.

    Ouch! But then again, it's the only current non-DSLR camera with a 1.7x Foveon sensor, so they have some flexibility in terms of price.

    A gallery with 20 sample pictures from Vegas (PMA 2008 host city) have been posted at dpreview! Check them out!

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    mrsfixit said...

    What is this- official announcement #3? Or is it #4?

    But who's counting...? LOL

    The camera interests me, but the fixed focus 28mm f4 lens is a turn off.

    *If* it ever comes out, if the reviews are good and it has spectacular image quality- I might think about it.

    It better have great IQ at ISO 800 (the max ISO BTW) or I won't even consider it.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Indeed! It will be very interesting to see how it performs! Given that it's the only current non-DSLR with a sensor of that size, it will compete with itself first, before competing with the others!