Monday, January 28, 2008

Sony A350 and A300 leaks and Sony price drops!

An eagle-eyed dpreview forum user has spotted a thread talking Sony A300 and A350 DSLRs. That's right, a 10mp A300 with a twist-and-shout LCD and a 14mp A350. This is quite interesting that the difference of sensors (10mp vs 14mp) only goes for a 50-model-point increase. the original Dyxum thread.

If that is so, then what will the Sony A500 be? An affordable full-frame? An APS-H? A beefed up A350? Oh my! And then what of the Sony A900? Of course Sony has talked about the A900 formally, but not the A500, so there's no guarantee we will see an A500.

More at Photography Bay, Neutral Day, Sony Alpha Flickr Group, Digital Camera Zone, Crunch Gear and more springing up any minute now!

For more, be sure to stay tuned to the Sony SLR Talk dpreview forums and the forums.

Sony Price Drops
This dpreview forum thread talks of an official $100 price drop of the A700, while other users speculate that the 14mp Pentax and Samsung DSLRs has caused the price drop. Another user points out that the Sony 11-18 lens is advertised by Best Buy for $400.

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