Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sony Alpha A300, A500 and A900 rumors and leaks round-up

With CES 2008 starting to quiet down, this is a good time to catch-up with the latest Sony rumors. Yes, they did annnounce the Alpha A200 DSLR, but there's more coming up it seems!

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    Is Sony preparing for a market blitz?
    A number of people have pointed out that Sony's initial entry into the Sony-branded DSLRs was rather modest. First up the A100, and then the A700, while the competition was "churning" DSLRs left and right. Given that Sony was carrying on the Minolta mount and their big presence in consumer electronics, more was expected.

    So while all these rumored DSLR models may seem surprising at first, they actually make sense. Certainly no one will argue against the need for a A900 flagship model. One camera coming in between the A200 and the A700 makes sense as well. The only point of contention is probably whether an A300 and A500 would make sense introduced together.

    Well maybe yes, maybe no. An A200+ with live view as the A300, and a A700 Lite as the A500? After all, Nikon will have a railroad: D40, D40x, D60?, D80, D80-replacement (D80x? D85? D90?), D200, D300. Canon has two Digital Rebels and the 30D/40D duo, with a new D-Rebel (450D) and even a $2000-ish EOS 7D rumored. So Sony having five is not really that much off.

    The surprise is that they all come together after a rather modest Sony intro the DSLR world. Want more? Check what various websites and blogs are saying right below:

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    Meanwhile, the Sony A200 has its first hands-on preview!
    Based on a pre-production Sony A200, we posted earlier today that e-photographia.com has posted their hands-on first impressions. Take a look! Full size sample images included! If you are scared of spiders, don't look at some of the pictures :)

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    MDK said...

    An update to your list of links to rumors... Peter Burian just did a field test review of both the A500 and the A550... It seemed like the A550 came out a little more on top for him--better LCD...