Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Speculation on Canon 3D, 5D, 7D (speculation, not rumors)

We have an interesting discussion brewing in the Canon dpreview forums with forum users taking stabs at what a potential Canon 3D, 5D Mark II and 7D line-up would look like.

How would you design these? Would three of them be overkill or just right? Would you instead create a higher end "40D-type" camera instead of a 7D?

Canon users may hate me for saying this, but the closest thing to a Canon 3D we have is the ... *gasp* *drum roll* Nikon D3.

The thread is speculative. Speculation is when someone says "I think they will make..." or "I think they should make...". These are not rumors. Rumors are when someone knows someone who knows something, or when someone sees something, etc, etc.

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