Saturday, January 12, 2008

Speculation & Prediction: Panasonic will announce their version of the Olympus E410 DSLR at PMA 2008

Please keep in mind this post is pure speculation and prediction on my part. This is not based on a rumor or leak or any other info.

It was inspired when I read this new story at earlier today quoting Panasonic on "small and lightweight" DSLRs for 2008. Panasonic's approach to DSLRs has been top-down, starting with the Panasonic L1, and then going to the more mid-range Panasonic L10. So my speculation is that we will see a hypothetical Panasonic L100 at PMA 2008. It makes sense. Everyone else has sub-$1000 DSLRs, and if Panasonic is indeed interested in making an impact in the DSLR market, they need to release sub-$1000 models.

Given their relationship with Olympus, it's not hard to predict that it will be based on the Olympus E410.

Again, this is post is speculation and prediction. This is not a rumor! We predicted the Panasonic TZ3 being the wireless model, so now we feel brave enough for to make another prediction. That way our percentage will go down to 50% for 2008 :)

Update! The Imaging Insider got some interesting info from the Panasonic booth at CES.

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