Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Summarizing the new Sony and Pentax releases

We've had an interesting wave of new cameras today from Sony and Pentax, so for those who are just checking the news, we have prepared a handy summary right here. And for those who are interested in keeping track of all the new cameras announced in 2008 so far, we have broken them down in different categories in this post (60 new ones so far in 2008!)

Pentax's New Cameras and Lenses
The Pentax K20D is officially announced after weeks and weeks of rumors and speculation. K20D's Robin is the Pentax K200D, a power-user edition of the K100D and K100D Super. And some details on the new 14.6mp CMOS Pentaxung sensor

But Pentax did not stop there, they also announced five new lenses, including two DA* SDM lenses, one Limited macro lens, and two affordable zooms.

On the compact Optio front, Pentax offered three sequential updates to their P&S line-up, including the S12, a 12mp model with a 1/1.7" sensor (these are rare this year), the M50 - now with a 5x lens, and the entry-level E50. They also inform us that the Optio A40 will be finally released in February or so.

Sony's New Cybershot models
Sony introduced a new wave ofCybershots today. The most exciting perhaps was their second entry into the "fun zoom" segment, the Cybershot H10. They also introduced a new model in what we consider to be the flagship of bijou ultracompacts, the Cybershot T300.

A five-pack of W-series models is the meat of the announcement, along with a leak of the model name of another W-series model, the W300. Given that the Sony W200 is using a 12mp sensor, we cringe at the thought that the W300 may come out with 14mp or 15mp or 16mp. We hope not!

And the last two, the two new S-series models move from AA batteries to LiIon batteries, essentially removing AA batteries from the 2008 Sony lineup. Interesting, considering Sony is promoting their own AA batteries and chargers.

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