Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ten predictions for 2008 by Mason Resnick

We were reading through the latest news at the Imaging Insider where we found this story by Mason Resnick at Adorama's Blogorama, Ten predictions for 2008.

Be sure to check them out, Resnick is not afraid to make bold predictions! There are no "filler" predictions. It's all meat (or soy-meat if you are vegetarian)!

Some of the predictions that specifically caught our attention are #7, there will be new digital rangefinder(s). We've been hearing whispers through the grapevine that there might be a Leica full frame in 2008, could it be that the Leica full frame is not by Leica, but uses Leica lenses? His prediction talks of a full-frame Foveon perhaps sensor. That paragraph is a little bit confusing though as it mentions full-frame Foveon and SD14. We are assuming he meant that it will be using similar technology to the SD14 Foveon sensor, since the SD14 sensor is a 1.7X in terms of 35mm-full-frame.

Some of the other topics he touches upon are focusing, infra-red, face detection, digital picture frames, WiFi, and his sleeper DSLR pick for 2008. We won't reveal it here, read his predictions to find out!

Another item that is of high interest to our readers is #6, Mason's predictions on the new Kodak sensor technology announced last June. He predicts that Kodak will _____ and also ________ and that will in turn make Kodak _________. Read his predictions to find out :-)

But wait, there's more! Mason also goes back and grades his 2007 predictions.

PS> "Blogorama" is a term we just coined to describe Adorama's editorial and educational content. Their official name is AIRC (Adorama Imaging Resource Center) or Adorama Academy. But it's just more fun to call it "Adorama Blogorama" - until the president of Adorama grabs us by the ear and tells us to stop saying that :)


Bernie said...

New digital rangefinders?

From his keyboard to the camera God's ears! LOL

If a digital rangefinder was produced that the average person could afford, I'd buy it!

His predictions are interesting, and would represent some *real* innovation on the part of camera makers.

And if the new Kodak sensor is any good, then perhaps we will finally see an improvement in image quality in P&S cameras, not just more megapixels/noise.

1001 noisy cameras said...

The keyword "affordable" and "digital rangefinders" in the same sentence? :)

Perhaps once the DSLR market is saturated and the manufacturers start looking for other ways to generate revenue they'll rediscover "rangefinders". If this scenario happens, perhaps they can have the common sense of a common digital mount. We can all dream :)

Yes, hopefully the new Kodak sensor technology and the Sony 6mp speed-demon will reign in the megapixel madness!

And hopefully not spawn an FPS-madness :)

Anonymous said...

He just updated this post and scored himself ... game himself about 50% correct on his predictions.

1001 noisy cameras said...

That's a good hit rate for predictions! :)