Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Top 3 in DSLRs and compacts in Japan (BCN, November 2007)

While browsing DigitalCamera.jp , we noticed a story from BCN, summarizing the top 3 brands in many consumer markets in Japan for the month of November 2007. Here is the BCN page with the top 3 for November 2007. Both links are computer-translated to english with Altavista. Altavista has trouble with some of the translated corporate names, so here is another one using Google Translate.

In DSLRs, the Nikon vs Canon battle was close, and as you may have suspected because of the order of the phrasing (it's usually Canon vs Nikon), Nikon won November in Japan! It was very close, Nikon scored 43.3% market share points and Canon scored 39.9% market share points. The #3 spot with 6.9% belonged to Pentaxians. That means the remaining DSLR manufacturers had a combined 9.7% 9.9% market share. That means you, Sony Minolta, Olympus, Shiguma, Panasonic, Samsung, and Fuji (and leftover Kodak and Contax).

In non-DSLR digital cameras (I hate to use the term compact, but it's commonly used), Canon fired a canonball at #1 with 19.6%, Friend of Venus (Panasonic Matsushita) was #2 with 16.4%, and Friend of Memorystick (Sony) #3 with 13.9%. This leaves about 50% for the rest of the manufacturers, Olympus, Nikon, Fuji, Kodak, Leica, Ricoh, HP, Samsung, Casio, Pentax, Hello Kitty, and such :)

As you can see Canon and Nikon has a tight hold on the Japanese DSLR market, with their combined market share above 80%, squeezing the remaining manufacturers in a tight market share situation. Pentax emerged from the "everybody else" pool, with the K10D, K100D Super, and K100D/K110D. That means Sony and Olympus (or at least of those two) had a poor showing. Sony is a two-DSLR company at the moment (A700, A100) while Olympus has quite a few, E3, E510, E410, E400, etc.

In stark contrast, the non-DSLR market is wide open. The top three manufacturers had about 50% of the market share. Compared to the top two having 83% of the market share in DSLRs. As expected Canon won with almost 20%, while Panasonic, with "hand being off center revision" available in every single one of their models has the prestigious #2 spot, and Sony is at #3 with almost 14%.

With the top three eating up just 50%, we are left to wonder how the rest of them are stacking up. The rest of them includes the reinvented SD-friendly Fuji, the SD-unfriendly Olympus, the trailblazing Ricoh, Flextronics-Kodak, Samsung (assuming they are allowed to sell in Japan), Friend of Printer (HP), Nikon, Casio, Pentax, Leica, etc, etc. With 50% market share to split, it can't be that bad for some of them. Which ones? We do not know!

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