Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top sellers at B&H Photo (The Charts)

We are excited to add B&H Photo to our regular feature, The Charts, where we look at the best selling cameras at various online retailers. So let's get started! This episode covers the recent top sellers at B&H Photo. Please keep in mind this is a short time period, so please do not draw any long-term conclusions based on this individual post alone. We would like to thank B&H Photo for providing us the data. The top sellers in each category are presented in no particular order.

The Top Selling Digital Cameras at B&H Photo
Nikon D300 body onlyThe D300 was the Robin of the dynamic D3/D300 duo in terms of buzz, but the D300 costs almost 1/3rd of the price of the D3, and that makes it more affordable. Bjorn's D3 review included an early endorsement of the D300 in the DSLR 2008 PixelPeeper Campaign which added fuel to the fire due to limited supply earlier on
Canon 40D, body onlyAnd while a lot of Canon fans will admit that the Nikon D3/D300 duo won the "buzz wars", they will point out that the 40D has been, perhaps quietly, moving units and finding itself in the hands of more and more Canon photographers. And the price is certainly right for the 40D. Selling for about 1/3rd less than the D300, makes the trade-off between the two quite an interesting affair.
Canon Digital Rebel XTi with kit lensThe D-Rebel continues to be a popular model, despite the fact that the non-Nikon competition has moved towards sensor-shift stabilization. But this has been slowly but steadily putting pressure on Canon to produce affordable IS EF-S lenses, and the crowning moment of that is the kit lens with IS included with the new XSi. The intro of the XSi means that the XTi will slide into the role of the affordable lieutenant, a role currently played by the XT. And some model name translations: XSi=450D, XTi=400D, XT=350D, Original=300D, Cripsy=KFC
Canon G9The G9 added RAW as it followed on the heels of the G7, and that helped in toning down the "GINO" rhetoric. When evaluated as a stand-alone camera, and compared to what else is currently available with prices factored in, the G9 looks like a reasonable trade-off. (GINO = G-series in name only, referring to the G7 and G9 not having all the defining characteristics of the older legendary G-series models)
Nikon D200The introduction of the D300 and the dropping prices, make the D200 an interesting option for those caught between the D80 and the D300, and perhaps the option of getting one of the older D2* Nikon DSLRs. The possibility of a D90 or D80x may make things even more interesting, but will we see that from Nikon at PMA or do we have to wait for Photokina 2008?
Canon A560The price is right. This is what makes the Canon A-series the bang for the buck among compact cameras with AA batteries. They may not be the prettiest or sleekest models, but they offer the best bang for the buck and use SD/MMC cards and AA batteries, which are the most affordable options. One could easily call them the perfect cameras for the R-word (R-word = recession).
Canon A570 ISUnless there is a very specific budget, or you plan to glue the camera on a tripod, we recommend that you get the IS model instead of the regular model. This goes for the A570IS over the A560, and also the A590-IS over the A580. It's only our opinion, which almost guarantees that it's not right ;-)

Top Selling Accessories at B&H Photo
Canon BG-E2N battery gripJust under $200, this grip gives the Canon 40D extra juice and versatility. Uses up to two LiIon or six AA batteries
Nikon MB-D10 battery gripMore juice means more vroom for the D300, as it can jump to 8fps with the right accessories (EN-EL4/4A and BL-3). You can also use 8 AA batteries. Did you feed your Eneloops today?
Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS USM lensWhy would a lens cost around $1600? Tha magic words: L, f2.8 throughout, IS, USM, 70-200mm, Canon
Cano 430EX SpeedliteFour AA batteries power this Canonite with 2 second recycle on NiMHs. Bounce and swivel.
Canon 580EX II SpeedliteFour AA batteries power this more advanced Canonite. Bounce and swivel.
8gb Lexar CF cardUDMA 300x sounds fast! A UDMA reader on your PC would be able to take advantage of UDMA.
8gb Sandisk Extreme IVNot to be confused with Rocky IV, the Extreme IV have ESP, not ESPN. Theoretical max speeds of 40MB/sec for R/W. Turn up the heat, or open the freezer, they can work from -13° F to 185° F
Sony PRS-505 Digital Book Reader1001 Noisy is not yet available as a subscription on e-books, but many other sites and magazines are. Not to mention thousands of books, which is the raison d^etre of the next generation of digital book readers. Are any of our readers interested in receiving this blog on their digital e-books? If there is enough interest, we will increase its priority! Also available in black

For a list of reviews of some of the DSLR mentioned above, be sure to check our DSLR Review Matrix.

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