Saturday, January 12, 2008

Top selling DSLRs at Amazon - a snapshot

Welcome to another edition of The Charts. In today's installment we look at the best selling DSLRs at Amazon at this moment. Please keep in mind these rankings are snapshots, they are not based on long-term data, and the rankings can be influenced by a number of factors! So please don't rush to any conclusions just from this particular post! This is posted for entertainment purposes only, not for bragging rights :)

The Top Selling DSLRs snapshot
1.Canon Digital Rebel XTi with 18-55 EF-S, black finishYes, a 10mp D-Rebel (the 400D) at the $600 price level. Canon is clearly more competitive on prices than they used to be. The stakes are higher. They just lost 2007 to Nikon in Japan.
2.Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX lensAlready sliding below the magic $500 mark, at $480, it is competing price-wise with the older D-Rebel (350D), although they are not a one-on-one match. One blind spot on the D40 is the focus motor issue. Hopefully Nikon won't release any more DSLRs like that!
3.Canon Digital Rebel XT with 18-55 EF-S lens, blackSpeaking of the D-Rebel, the 350D (XT) is at $460, an ATM bill below the 6mp Nikon! *Gasp* Yes, it's an older DSLR, but cheaper than the Nikon? And with more megapixels! Now if it had a spotmeter...
4.Canon Digital Rebel XTi, body only, blackEven this D-Rebel is getting close to the magic $500 mark. Currently at $530, it is probably one press release away from sliding under $500. The press release is of course the anticipated replacement at PMA 2008, with the rumor-name of Digital Rebel Kiss 450D XT-whatever.
5.Canon 40D, body onlyThe Nikon D3 and D300 may have created the DSLR-equivalent of Beatles-mania, but it looks like the 40D is quitely moving boxes off the shelves at a nice pace. At a price of $1150, it is miles away from the Nikon D300. Buzz or no buzz!
6.Canon 40D, with EF 28-135At around $1385, it seems to be a popular kit despite the 35mm full-frameness of this lens that makes it a rather mundane equivalent on the 40D with the 1.58x sensor
7.Olympus E510 with the two lens kitOMG! A non-Nikon/Canon dSLR in the top 10? Oh my! What about the duopoly? Its price is very competitive with the CaNikons, at $650 you get a two lens kit and sensor shift stabilization.
8.Nikon D80, body onlyThe best bang for the buck DSLR among Nikons in our opinion is priced at $780 and does not have the focus motor nonsense of the D40 and D40x. Currently competing price-wise with the Canon 30D, which in our opinion is the best bang for the buck dSLR among Canons.
9.Nikon D40x with 18-55 DXSpeaking of the D40x, it competes with the D-Rebel XTi (400D) on price, although it currently costs about an ATM bill more. Not a one-on-one matchup, but people looking to buy on a specific budget will no doubt compare them head to head.
10.Nikon D300, body onlyThe Robin of the duo is selling at or above list price. This is an interesting phenomenon we haven't seen in a while among digital cameras. Nikon has increased production of both the D3 and D300 but apparently demand continues to surpass supply.
11.Nikon D40, two lens kitThis introductory bundle at around $640 is offering newcomers two traditional kit lenses but of the DX variety along with some Nikon branded trinkets. This is an interesting proposition compared to the one lens kit.
12.Canon 5DThe price is falling again! Now at $2010, the EOS 5D gets closer to the psychological barrier of $2000. This would be the first 35mm full frame DSLR at under $2000 while a brand new current product, and certainly fuels the rumor-speculation of a new Canon 7D that would come in below the 5D and at or below the $2000 mark. As you may recall the $2000 mark was the price barrier that brought mid-range DSLRs into the spotlight at the legendary PMA 2002 with the Nikon D100, Canon D60, Fuji S2, and Sigma SD9 getting announced in quick successsion.
13.Nikon D80 with 18-135 DXAt around $1050, this includes a small discount on the 18-135 DX mid-range lens. A good kit for someone who is quite familiar with SLRs, and wants to start fresh with digital.
14.Canon Digital Rebel XTi with 18-55 EF-S, silverThe silver D-Rebels are trailing in popularity the more professional looking black D-Rebels, but their prices are more or less similar.
15.Canon Digital Rebel XT, body only, blackYes DSLR fans, you can get a Canon DSLR for $400! That's right! It is of course slightly older and has "only" 8-megapixels, but it's a $400 DSLR from Canon any which way you slice and dice it.
16.Pentax K10D with 18-55 DAHey, we have the second non-CaNikon in the list! This DSLR is in our opinion the biggest bang for the buck dSLR among current DSLRs because of its $640 price after a $100 Pentax mail-in rebate. After the rebate is cashed in, you are essentially paying a similar price to a Nikon D40x or a Canon D-Rebel XTi 400D.

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