Friday, January 11, 2008

Top stories at 1001 Noisy (the first day ten days of 2008)

In 2007 we started an on-going weekly top 5 posts here at 1001 Noisy Cameras. In 2008 we are changing the format, instead of one giant post, there will be individual posts per time period. We tend to create many long and winding posts which are not as readable as shorter posts. But don't worry if you are a fan of long blog posts, it's almost impossible for us to write short posts :)

These round-up posts are a good way for you to catch up with some of our latest posts, and for new readers of this blog to become more familiar with this noisy blog.

Top 9 Posts among all readers
1. PMA 2008 Rumors, Speculations, and Predictions, a long and winding post
2. Pentax K20D and K200D rumors, the first big story on this on-going saga.
3. Our bridge to nowhere Countdown to the Dubai Press Event, with a Dubai clock included!
4. Round-up of the 27 new cameras announced at CES 2008. Yes, 27 new cameras announced already in the first 10 days of January. And a few more "generics" which we do not track.
5. A "forum drive thru" looking at the Canon 5D Mark II and other assorted rumors. The "forum drive thru" is a shorter version of our longer "forum digest" posts.
6. The Samsung GX20 leak that started in Norway. Yet further proof of global warming: The rumorbergs in Scandinavia are melting!
7. The Casio EX-F1 speed demon announcement. Vrooom it goes and so does your credit card at a list price of $1000. With an initial monthly production output of 10,000 units, don't expect the price to drop if it gets good reviews.
8. Nikon 16-85mm AF-S VR lens leakage. DX shooters will love the 24-127mm equivalent range.
9. Sony A300, A500, and A900 rumors. What about the Sony Alpha A400, A600, A800, A250, A350, A450, A550, and A950? :-) We don't want those models to feel left out!

Top 9 Posts among RSS subscribers
1. Best bang for the buck DSLRs. Interesting that our subscribers have different "tastes" than the overall readership.
2. Nikon D3X rumors at Two rumors!
3. Sony A300, A500, and A900 rumors.
4. The Samsung GX20 leak. How close will this be to a Pentax equivalent or did Samsung spin-off using the K10D body they used for the GX10?
5. The Megapixel Wars continue at CES 2008 with a new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. Oh the maddening rush to stuff the poor sensors with amoeba sized pixels!
6. Forum drive thru: Reactions to some of the CES 2008 announcements. What did the forum users think?
7. Casio announces the EX-F1 speed demon. Vroom! Vroom! Did they pay Ferrari a fee for using the "F1" name in a speed context?
8. e-photographia posts hands-on first impressions of a pre-production Sony Alpha A200 DSLR, which is available for pre-order
9. The CES 2008 Situation Room - a newsroom spoof round-up of the latest rumors as of the time of writing of that post, with your host Volf Kamera-Blitzor and special analyst Jacques Kaffertie from the KNN (Kamera News Network) ;-)
10. Special edition of the Photography Soup free of rumors, CES, PMA, and gadget talk, which shows that not all of our readers are gadget-fan-addicts. They are not???


  • The SLRClub forums brought in the most visitors during this period. Thanks SLR Club forum users and everybody else discussing our blog and posts on your websites, blogs and favorite forums!
  • The most popular outgoing story was this classic dpreview thread discussing the Pentax K20D and K200D.
  • Most social bookmarking visitors came from Digg and Reddit. The race was too close to call and we didn't have the budget for a recount :)

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