Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top stories at 1001 Noisy (mid-January 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the Top Posts here at 1001 Noisy. This post summarizes our most popular posts, among all readers and also among RSS subscribers. So sit back and (re)discover what created some buzz here at 1001 Noisy the last few days.

Top 9 Posts (among all readers)
1. The giant PMA 2008 Rumors, Speculation and Predictions remained at the #1 spot as expected.
2. The Pentax K20D and K200D rumors retained the #2 spot.
3. The Sony A300, A500 and A900 rumor round-up jumped all the way from #9 to #3! Move over A200, we want more!
4. Our forum drive thru, rounding up Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D60 rumors climbs up one spot.
5. The bridge to nowhere Countdown to the Dubai press event drops two spots.
6. The Samsung GX20 is leaked via Norway - remains put.
7. The prosumer-specific PMA 2008 speculation spectacular climbs into the Top Nine!
8. The Nikon 16-85 AF-S VR lens leak remains put.
9. Our recap of the CES 2008 digital camera announcements drops from #4, as people move away from CES and focus (no pun intended) on PMA 2008 where the big fish are expected.

Top 9 Posts (among RSS feed subscribers)
This list is based on the latest posts, so it doesn't make sense to keep track of their movement, since the whole purpose of RSS feeds is to check for the newer/latest posts. We post so many posts per week, that the previous week's post are gone from the last 25 list.
1. The latest "The Charts" snapshot of the best selling DSLRs at Amazon got the #1 spot.
2. A forum drive-thru installment with an Olympus E3 vs Nikon D300 face-off and Ford Motors going lawyer-crazy.
3. Coverage of dpreview's PMA 2008 predictions and hopes.
4. The Sunday January 13 installment of the Photography Soup, our not-so-daily daily round-up
5. Nikon is #1 in Japan in market share for the 2007 calendar year
6. An "Inside the Imaging Insider" installment that includes a Nikon mentor podcast - featuring Mark Alberhasky.
7. The Wedn January 16 edition of the Photography Soup. We accidentally marked that as "January 26". No, we do not have access to time travel technology!
8. An episode of Blast from the Past wondering what happened to review site A-Digital-Eye?
9. The Return of the Agfa! - well at least in name.

The most popular outgoing story in this time period was this dpreview forum thread discussing a potential picture-leak of the highly anticipated Sony Alpha A900.

The most popular feed reader among the feed readers was the free online Google Reader, with Bloglines taking the #2 spot. And while we are on the topic of feeds, please feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed!

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