Monday, January 14, 2008

Blast from the Past: What happened to A-Digital-Eye?

Remember A Digital Eye? No, I'm not talking about Bionic Man or Bionic Woman, but the camera news and review site A-Digital-Eye?

They were one of the top ten review sites at the time, but visiting their website shows that their last update was a Sony R1 review, along with coverage of PMA 2006, which was about two years ago if my math is correct :)

Fitting perhaps that their swan song review was the Sony R1, the swan song of bigger than 1/1.x" prosumer non-DSLRs?

Okay, the Sigma DP1 will have a big sensor too, but for one thing it has a fixed lens and for another it is back in "development notice" status. Before that it was in "waiting for release" status. So as you can see it is going backwards. Needless to say that despite the countless jokes (please don't sue me Sigma!), I want the camera to be released as soon as possible and I want the camera to be successful!

Anyway, back to A Digital Eye, another of their last stories posted was the departure of Konica Minolta as we knew it.

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