Monday, January 14, 2008

What was hot at Map Camera in Japan in December 2007? has the latest update from Map Cameras, namely their December 2007 most popular models. Please keep in mind that Map Camera is not the whole Japanese market, but it appears to attract a lot of photography enthusiasts so it's interesting to take a look at what they buy. Also please keep in mind that a number of factors affect these type of rankings, so cancel the parade if your favorite camera is #1 :)

Speaking of #1, the "old" Panasonic LX2 has that spot, replacing the brand new Ricoh GRD II. The buzzing Nikon D300 captures the #3 spot. Visit (computer-translated with Altavista) for the complete top ten.

They also publish a top 20 of used cameras at the same page, and that list is dominated by DSLRs, including the one that started the 4/3rds system, the Olympus E1. Interestingly the Nikon D300 is at #20 in that list. How did they manage to find used cameras already?

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