Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1001 Noisy on the Net : Part IV

We continue the "thank-a-thon" series with episode #4. In the "thank-a-thon" we thank and feature websites that feature this noisy blog :)

Thanks to for adding us to the great list of photography resources. Lots of useful and helpful photography websites and blogs and RSS feeds too are listed at!

Thanks to CNet's Underexposed for adding one of our stories to their reading list. Be sure to check the "Stuff I'm Reading" in the right column of the Underexposed blog for interesting tech stories from around the net.

Also thanks to Jason Moore's blog for adding this noisy blog to their list of blogs!

Thanks to the Imaging Insider for their continued coverage of 1001 noisy posts!

Our giant PMA 2008 rumors post was discussed and analyzed at the Photocomment forums. See what they thought of our giant rumor-mongering post!

Also thanks to Open Origins for thanking us! A round-trip thank-a-thon! Open Origins is one of the fine art photographers participating in the brand new Fine Art Photoblog.

And speaking of new sites, thanks to the new site Endless Years for adding us to their list of sites! Endless Years focuses (no pu intended) on baby boomers and their journey into the world of digital photography. Speaking of baby boomers, there was a recent story in the news of the first baby boomer receiving her first social security check. Did she use it to buy a digital camera? :)

Thanks also to the Gadget Blog of Wired, the magazine, and to Gizmodo for picking up on our story on the giant green Sigma 200-500mm f2.8 lens being available for pre-order at Amazon.

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