Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1001 Noisy On The Net Part V: The Thank-a-thon continues

We continue the new "thank-a-thon" feature with episode V! We were unable to get George Lucas to direct it, so you have to bear with us instead :)

We start with a round-trip thank-a-thon! Thanks to David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog for thanking us in their Fab Fridays segment.

Thanks to new site Endless Years for adding this noisy blog to their site-wide links!

Thanks to CNet's Crave blog and Underexposed, as well as TechMeMe, Slash Gear, and Engadget for their coverage of our Leica CEO firing coverage.

Also thanks to CNet Asia, and Scott Thomas Photography for mentioning this blog!

Also thanks to the MyDP1 blog for adding us to their list! The MyDP1 blog covers all things Sigma DP1 by a fellow blogger and photographer.

The thank-a-thon continues with Red Skies at Night, where Red Skies are pointing to our power compacts review matrix. Guess which song mentions "red skies at night"!

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