Tuesday, February 12, 2008

AND-C? Prosumer Shorties? What's the right term?

We are trying to find a nice and short term to describe the following type of a camera: non-DSLRs, with some combination of mid-range and advanced (or unique) features, that are compact in size, and have a relatively short zoom ratio. Cameras like the Canon G9, Panasonic LX2, Sigma DP1, Ricoh GRD and GX100, Fuji F31fd, etc. These would exclude the cameras with the big zoom lenses like the Fuji S100fs, Panasonic FZ50, Oly SP570, Canon S5 IS, Sony H-series, etc. Those are superzooms after all :)

We've looked around and couldn't find a nice and compact term, so we have two proposals. What do you think? Do they sound good? Any other ideas?

  • AND-C: A play on the APS-C term, which would stand for Advanced Non-DSLR Compacts. Compacts in this case is used more as an indicator of camera size and zoom ratio, not compacts as in "DSLRs vs compacts".
  • Prosumer Shorties or the more formal "Short zoom Prosumers".

    The reason we are asking this is because we are planning to create a Review Matrix for some of the most popular models that fall in this category. Similar to the DSLR Review Matrix. Assuming there are no new news or big rumors, we are hoping to launch this feature sometime this week.

    And after that, we will be launching a similar feature for the super zooms. Are there any other (sub)categories you would like to see featured as well? Please keep in mind we cannot feature every single digital camera since there are so many of them. Just in January alone, we had almost 100 new digital cameras from the major manufacturers.


    Anonymous said...

    I think something more like enthusiast compacts or photographers' compacts is more apt.

    For me, the big difference between these and less usable small-zoom-range compacts is that they can produce much better images, and are designed with image quality in mind.

    The difference between these and "prosumers" or "superzooms" is that any camera I've seen with either of those labels applied to it is not compact, although the sensors are.

    I doubt my thoughts will catch on, but this is how I think of the category.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Those are great ideas! How about enthu-sumers or photographer-priority consumers? (PPC)

    How about Faux-Rangefinders?

    Anonymous said...

    perhaps High IQ compactainhk

    antrix said...

    Why not go with supercompacts? The analogy would be self-evident.

    Anonymous said...

    Uber Compacts...

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    I like that! Supercompacts and Ubercompacts!

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    How about *drum roll* power-compacts??? eg, compacts that pack photographic power!

    Or for the cynics out there, how about "Deluxe Noise Boxes"? :-)