Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Canon APS-H sensors meet the Dinosaurs?

We were checking the latest news at the Imaging Insider, when we saw this interesting story on Canon and APS-H sensors at gadget blog Slash Gear. Canon's internet ambassador Chuck Westfall was interviewed by swedish site kamerabild.se. The interview is in english, so there's no need to hire human translators ;-) Chuck it out! The effects of the Nikon D3 are far-reaching it seems!

Update! There's a new interview of Chuck Westphfall with CNet's blog. Details in this post.

Our opinion
Perhaps Canon needs to split their speed demon DSLRs in two categories, one to compete with the Nikon D3 (which has to go 35mm full frame), and one that is priced closer to the mid-range price tier, perhaps using an APS-H sensor or even an APS-C. Given the price of the 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark III and Nikon D3, there just isn't enough room for two 1D-level speed-demon cameras, one with a 35mm full frame sensor and one with an APS-H sensor.

The speed demon segment has been so far under-served, especially below the "professional price" level. Speed demon cameras have a strong niche, remember the buzz generated by the Olympus E100 R/S or UZi (C2100uz), or even the just now, the excitement generated by the 60fps Casio EX-F1?

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