Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Exposure: Paxton Prints to start featuring photographers

In our new segment, "Exposure", we talk about opportunities or ideas to promote and showcase your photographic work. Whether you are an established photographer, a rising photographer, or an absolute beginner, you can never really have too much exposure. Just like money :)

Paxton Prints is launching a new feature on their site, Featured Photographers. This is a good way for photographers to showcase some of their pictures, and also include an artistic statement, which is a great way to "frame" your pictures with words. Here is an example of a featured photographer.

1001 Noisy Exposure
And speaking of exposure, you can also add your site, blog, galleries, or even web 2.0 content to our 1001 Noisy Readers List. For more ideas, check our networking post.

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