Friday, February 29, 2008

The first edition of the new Camera soap opera has gone live!

As we promised a couple of days ago, we are now launching the new digital camera soap opera called "The Camera Charts". This will keep track of the top selling digital cameras at Amazon on an on-going basis! New charts will be posted every couple of days (time permitting). This is intended for fun and entertainment purposes if your favorite brand is not doing well, and bragging rights if your favorite brand does well ;-)

So as not to clutter this poor blog even more, we have created a new blog whose sole purpose is to track the Amazon top sellers and nothing else. However every time a new chart is posted, we will be posting a quick reminder here with a screenshot of the top 5. The complete top 25 can be seen here.

The complete top 25 can be seen here.

Subscribe to the Camera Charts feed
If you are an avid RSS feed user, you can also subscribe to the Camera Charts RSS feed. We are syndicating the full-text, so you can receive each new Top 25 in your newsreader.

Feedback is very welcome!
Please tell us if you like it, or not, or what to change and what not. Please keep in mind though that the more complicated it gets, the less frequently it will be updated, so the idea is to keep it as simple as possible. At least in the initial stage.

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