Sunday, February 17, 2008

Foveon, HD-DVD, Cat pictures and lots of other topics (dpreview forum digest)

Let's take a quick look at what's buzzing at the always buzzing dpreview forums! We have broken down the topics by category to make it easier for you to breeze through them.

Hot Topics, revisited for the millionth time
Is this the end of days for Foveon?

Are more megapixels better? Not sure, I have sold thousands of giant poster-size pictures using my Hello Kitty QVGA camera with its f50000000 lens :)

Why, oh why, do you hate full frame? Of course they are talking about 35mm full frame, since the term full frame in itself is not specific enough.

Yet another installment, this time for low-mid-range users. I'm talking of course of a Canon vs Nikon.

Hey Panasonic, how about a FZ50 replacement?

You know you love these! You know it! Here we go: The Panasonic FZ50 vs the Olympus E510. Apples and oranges you say? Well, so what? We can still compare!

And how about Ricoh vs Sigma? The battle of the underdogs?

Equipment Talk
Here comes the mirror man! Not to be confused with the Human League song by the same name.

The Photozone lens reviews are analyzed by Pentaxians. And that was probably prompted by their review of the Pentax DA STAR 200 f2.8 ED IF SDM. And that's only the first name. Wait until you see that lens's last name ;-)

The aspect ratio of the new Sony sensor is debated and debated. If you are into sensors, be sure to check the Image Sensors World blog.

What about a cheap lightmeter?

Don't shoot the messenger please! But the future of Pentax non-dSLR maybe in play (or in question). We blog, you decide!

Would you abandon your lovely Ricohs for the Sigma DP1? If yes, you can pre-order the DP1 for $800 (Amazon).

General discussions
Confessions of a troll. Should we expect an e-book with all the details? :) And how about an online forum e-tour to promote the e-book? We are always available to interview the authors ;-)

The beginning of the end of HD-DVD is discussed. HD-DVD being one of the two dueling high definition video formats. So it looks like BluRay will emerge from this mess, but there's no guarantee it will be adapted by the masses. Microsoft and others have other ideas. Of photographic interest of course is that they have a lot more storage than standard DVDs, so they can be used for backups, or additional backups.

Another ejection, Polaroid quitting is discussed.

Meanwhile in the pro forum, HDR is the topic.

Meow! Meow! The Sunday Cat is alive and kicking for this week. If you love cat pictures, be sure to visit and contribute! Meow!!!

Election fever has taken over the forums too! Pictures from a Barack Obama event are discussed. Needless to say the discussion is not limited to just the photojournalism aspects :)

Dramatic skies by the Olympians. I am talking about the pictures of course :)

And a challenge, the passage of time. This is challenge #75. You see, not all forum users are career pixel peepers :)

From Latvia, in black and white. Panasonic forum.

The End
This edition of the forum digest is now complete! What do you think of this format and this type of post? Want to see more or less? Longer or shorter version? We blog, you decide!


xavier said...

this is quite perfect ! seriously, a very good overview of the keyboard burner topics :)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Lots of keyboards are burning in the forums from all the hot debates :)