Thursday, February 7, 2008

Impact review: Fuji F50fd review by dcresource

The highly debated Fuji F50fd gets another review by one of the major websites out there, DC Resource. Here is what Jeff Keller thought of the F50fd.

dpreview also reviewed the F50fd in early December 2007, a review that was hotly debated in the forums.

Also reviewing the F50fd were Tom's (we assume it's not Tom's of Maine), Steve's Digicams,, CNet, and Camera Labs.

Our Opinion
We usually call it "Noisy Opinion" but given that the focus of the reviews are on noise, we did not want to complicate matters even more.

When reviewing the reviews, be sure to also keep in mind the price of the camera. The same camera at $200 looks a lot different than the same camera at $400! And the current price of the F50fd is around $220 at Amazon.

Considering what else one can get for that price range, the F50fd can be put in perspective.

However, this still does not completely make up for the fact that Fuji had found something special with their 6mp SuperCCD MAGIC sensor, yet they threw it away by doubling the megapixelation and at the same time abandoning the 6mp cameras, instead of perhaps continuing them in parallel, or at least "refreshing" the F31fd - if nothing else to add the new xD/SD memory card drive. Fuji, you left money on the table! You don't need to pay market analysts thousands of dollars to tell you that. We are telling you for free :-)

To "honor" the Fuji F31fd we just added a new sidebar box in the top left sidebar called the "Fuji F31fd Hunter". It has a pre-filled eBay query looking for the F31fd, and also a link to the Fujimall, where Fuji sells their new and refurbished digital cameras. The last time we checked the F31fd was listed in the refurbished section, but none were in stock, but they did have a "coming soon" note. Not sure what is Fuji's definition of "soon".

Falling somewhere in-between the 6mp magic sensor cameras and the new 12mp SuperCCD cameras is the 8mp Fuji F40fd, which now has a $50 mail-in rebate from Fuji, making it a tempting option at $150 after rebate!

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