Sunday, February 17, 2008

Inside the Imaging Insider

Welcome to another installment of a news roundup of the new news posted at the Imaging Insider!

Are you planning to howl at the full moon and take pictures of it? This story will help you calculate exposure and the full moon schedule.

More howling but of a different kind: Image Copyright issues.

If you are into underwater photography, be sure to take a long hard look at the first underwater image festival!

And now we have a couple of post-processing stories, dealing with noise, and saving badly underexposed pictures. I should read that!

Photographer shot in the head in the middle east. Ouch!

What does a paparazzi have inside his bag? Press 1 if you think the paparazzi are parasites, press 2 if you think they have to do whatever it takes to feed their children. Press 3 if you think this is silly ;-)

And now some dollars and sense! Best Buy cuts forecasts, invites the bears, and talks of weakness in digital imaging, mp3 players, and such.

An infra-red experiment, with the Nikon D40X and a Hoya filter.

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