Friday, February 22, 2008

Leica Drama: CEO Steven Lee fired!

Breaking news from Amateur Photographer UK! The Leica CEO, Steven K. Lee has been removed from power. AP UK states that the owner and chair of the company will take over the reigns. AP UK suggests that this previous interview he gave AP UK discussing full frame Leicas may have been a factor.

For more on this story be sure to check the March 8 print edition of the Amateur Photographer UK magazine.

NEW! Amateur Photographer UK has added a new editorial comment on the situation, discussing the timeline of events, and the issues with regard to Leica and "full-frame-ness".

Have photography experience but also management experience and aspire to be the next Leica CEO? Leica familiarity a big plus! Submit your resumes to Leica :)

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Reactions to the story
The dpreview forum users have started discussing the new news! First in the News forum, and then in the Leica dpreview forum.

CNet's Crave blog and Underexposed discuss the Leica news. The latter tries to explain to the uninitiated the phenomenon of Leica mania.

Discussions of the news at the Rangefinder Forum, and the forum.

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Blast from the Past coverage
Here is a sampling of stories that discuss the hiring of Steven Lee at Leica in late 2006, first at the Leica Forum, and Times Online. But not everyone was on-board with the move, Ed Reilly took issue with some of his comments in late 2006.

Fast forward to January 2008, AminFoto has a round-up of the rumblings and confusion surrounding the forever-upgraded Leica M8 and the possibility of a straight-up full-frame model.

Amateur Photographer Subscriptions in the USA
For those in the USA, is offering subscriptions. This is a weekly magazine and has to "jump over the pond", so the price is relatively high, but it comes down to $4.40 per issue, so all things considered, it's a reasonable price.

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