Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let's Go interviews a Canon representative

Let's Go Digital just published an interview with a Canon Vampire, recorded at PMA 2008, but seeing the light of day just now.

Canon product specialist Richard Trestain gets asked the tough questions by Let's Go. Some of the questions he is asked are about the Canon G9, superzooms, the lack of advanced non-dSLR digital cameras, the growth of the digital camera market, WiFi and more topics.

After reading the interview
We won't spoil the answers, but after reading the interview, are you buying the Canon guy's answers or do you find that they have more spin than a politician running for office and desperately trying to defend his record? We blog, you decide!

You have to give credit to Let's Go Digital interviewer Bas de Meijer for asking the Canon representative the questions forum users are asking, and not letting him "get away" with canned answers.


amin said...

Good interview!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed! They didn't let the Canon guy get away with it!