Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lightscoop, Image Stabilization, Dubai, and more (Inside the Imaging Insider)

Let's take a look at some stories of interest posted at the Imaging Insider!

If you could pay $30 and make your in-camera flash more useful, would you? The Insider has the scoop on ...Lightscoop!

The OP has a post on image stabilization in their gear page. The OP (Outdoor Photographer) looks at lenses and sensor shift stabilization. Don't expect a dpreview-like post though, but it is a good attempt at an overview.

If you need a reason to plan a trip to Dubai, the Las Vegas of the Middle East, the Photoworld 2008 trade show might be it.

How can you mistake a tripod for a weapon? These people did!

There's a new review of the Ricoh GX100, via the Bangkok Post. Ricoh as updated the GRD, but nothing new in the GX100 frontier. Then again, the GX100 is a relatively new camera. If I was Ricoh, I would introduce two replacements for the GX100, one more "mass market" in that it would be at a lower price to compete with the other faux-RF-like cameras (G9, LX2, P5100, etc), and one that improves upon the GX100 and takes into consideration the recommendations of Ricoh power users and reviewers alike.

And how about a noise reduction discussion?

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