Monday, February 11, 2008

New Fine Art Photography blog is launched!

As mentioned yesterday, today is Fine Art Photography day here at 1001 Noisy. A group of fine art photographers has worked together in bringing out a brand new Fine Art Photography blog.

The official intro of this new blog at Epic Edits and Digital Pro Talk. The press release at the Imaging Insider.

The site is of interest obviously to fans, admirers and collectors of fine art photography, but also a great resource for aspiring photographers, as you can learn and observe the work of seven distinguished fine art photographers.

Meet the Fine Art Photoblog photographers

  • David Ziser, blog at Digital Pro Talk
  • Brian Auer, blog at Epic Edits
  • Andreas Mannesinger, and his photography blog
  • Neil Creek, and his blog
  • Andrew Gibson at Magical Places
  • Joseph Szymanski at Open Origins
  • Cody Redmon of

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